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Alchemy has been offering a complete assortment of enterprise technology environments, systems and processes towards helping businesses source, implement and support existing and future technology environments. Our engineers will assets your organization 24/7/365 with expertise and resources that you may not have on hand. At Alchemy, our project managers are fluent in every aspect of IT and our team we'll work tirelessly to ensure your IT systems, processes and people are successful across your entire enterprise.

Whether your organization is ready for virtualization, implement green strategies, integrating and consolidating disparate systems, driving greater efficiencies from your existing technology investments — or all of the above — we make IT work for you. We'll identify the technologies best suited to your requirements and goals, then build your solution on a solid framework that's simple to manage, scalable to your changing needs, and certain to perform long after it's been deployed. We'll unify your people, processes and systems to achieve your objectives and drive your operational performance. What's more, we'll do it while conserving your resources, optimizing your time, and lowering your total cost of ownership.


Cloud Solutions

The Alchemy Cloud is the first Open Stack converged infrastructure for enterprise private cloud deployments, with rapidly deployable SSD configurations. Our solution offers easy procurement, fast deployment, modular growth and affordable speed. We are offering the easiest and fastest way for enterprises to deploy a scalable production grade cloud solution complete with compute, storage and networking, built on Essex and available now.


At Alchemy we can help your business simplify and optimize your Network and systems infrastructure. During our assessment we will look at reducing costs were applicable, increase system utilization and availability by driving greater performance from existing assets, improve your company's productivity, utilize emerging technologies more quickly and cost-effectively, and prepare your business for growth


Alchemy will help ease your transition to a virtual environment by making sure we understand how your current virtualization investments impact your people, processes, and systems. We will help you make the right decisions about where and how to virtualize, so that you see the greatest return from your investment across the enterprise. We'll build the proper framework to support your virtualization and consolidation initiatives.


Alchemy will help you manage and mine your data to make faster, better business decisions while reducing costs. We will also deliver the expertise to maximize your current storage investments and minimize storage costs, classify and assign data to appropriate storage solutions based on the level of sensitivity and accessibility requirements, and back up your data and secure it from unauthorized access and malicious use.


Protecting information from leakage, unauthorized access, malicious use, and sabotage is critical to your business's bottom line. Alchemy will help you understand just how vulnerable your data is and and what threats you're up against. We'll work with you to develop and implement best practices for securing your network and infrastructure, as well as the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the information they transport.


Alchemy will make sure your networking infrastructure provides the robust reliability to support your technological and business requirements. We will evaluate your current network situation to identify any performance, availability, and security requirements and then design an enterprise network optimized to integrate seamlessly across all new and existing network components, maximize network capacity and availability, and scale with your changing business needs.

Enterprise Management

Alchemy will track, monitor, and report on the information and technology assets across the enterprise to determine whether you're utilizing them to your full advantage. Then we'll help you put in place the proper tools, resources, and processes to optimize the performance of every last asset. These best practices reach beyond your IT environment to improve enterprise-wide operations.


Innovate your product offerings, simplify processes, and meet large-scale deployment requirements — quickly and cost-effectively with Alchemy. We optimize IT infrastructures for multi-platform, multi-location data center operations with large-scale deployment requirements. With support for standardized configuration, we'll help you reduce downtime, simplify management, and enhance your service delivery.



From our careful analysis of your IT systems, assets and infrastructure, and your current capacity and capabilities, Alchemy provides a clear snapshot of what you have, what you can do with it, and what you'll need to do more. We take a technology-neutral approach to filter the myriad of available options to those that can be deployed realistically, within your current environment, budget, and scope.

Design Architecture

Whether designing your enterprise infrastructure from the ground up, or in parallel with an existing infrastructure, we'll make sure your architecture is robust, secure, scalable, and simple to maintain. Our designs are developed with your physical constraints, budgetary parameters, and operational requirements in mind.

System Integration

Whether integrating a solution—or several—into your current technology environment, or integrating your custom solution in our own testing environment, Alchemy has the proven experience to know which technologies work best together and which don't. This will save you countless hours, headaches and costly downtime.


Throughout every phase of the implementation, Alchemy's seasoned experts provide you with a detailed plan mapping out how best to deploy the solution with minimized risk and downtime. Beyond a working solution, we'll equip you with complete documentation to keep the environment running smoothly and transfer our knowledge to your team.


Rely on Alchemy's expert service team to administer and monitor your vendor contracts. We'll set up your service agreements, and notify you when they're up for renewal. Acting as a trusted liaison between you and your technology vendors, we'll ensure all contract issues are resolved and terms are met.

Financial Services

Leasing can increase your cash flow, minimize your investment, and eliminate the hassle of disposing of outdated equipment. As your single source for flexible financing programs, Alchemy can customize a leasing package that best fits your budget and needs, for whatever technology solution you've chosen.

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SSAE Type II badge

All of Alchemy's data facilities are SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type 2 audited.


Cloud solutions built to perform with power, flexibility and control.

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We at cloudtrek help companies quickly deploy private cloud solutions preserving their need for greater control, predictable costs, and ease of use.

Irvine Data Center

Irvine Data Center

Alchemy's newest data center in Irvine, CA, is a state-of-the-art, 42,500 sq. ft. facility located near John Wayne Airport. This carrier-neutral facility is equipped with every essential to house and protect your data.

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